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Framework? I sure hope it does


Intel 13th Gen, AMD Ryzen 7040 series and plans to address the battery life, glossy display and wobbly hinges. With these announcements, Framework is bringing something that is rarely, if ever, seen in the portable form-factor--confidence in a purchasing decision.

Setting up virtual machines on Arch Linux


Linux comes with virtualisation, with the included Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) module. This tutorial goes through the simple steps needed to setup virtual machine management on Arch Linux.

How to remove Windows from Dual-Boot


Learn how to remove the Windows operating system from Dual-Boot with Linux core utilities on the command-line.

Bing Wallpaper: Without Bing


Learn what it takes to write a shell script that downloads the latest Bing Wallpaper. Using the core *nix command-line utilities, such as; grep, cut, echo and mkdir, along with the curl.

How to improve the Arch Linux package manager


With a fresh install of Arch Linux, comes a single threaded, colourless looking package manager. Learn how to make the two small changes necessary to correct this.

Using hook scripts with Certbot


Renewing your SSL certificate with Certbot can result in a domain's servers not applying the updated certificate. This quick post will go through a basic way of reloading services with deploy-hooks.